Why Choose the Cabin Chiang Mai for Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The Cabin Chiang Mai, Asia’s well-known and inexpensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, has established an addiction treatment program designed to provide you with the know-how you need to overcome your dependency. The treatment is provided at a cost you are able to afford. Their program includes private accommodations, meals, group and individual therapy sessions, fitness training, massage therapy, weekly trips and aftercare support.

Unlike other luxurious rehab centers, they welcome clients coming from all parts of society. They stay real to their objective of offering top quality, affordable addiction therapy. The costs are always kept competitive to fit the budgets of people from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Program

In The Cabin, they follow a 28-day program that promotes responsible behavioral alterations to provide the patients with the support and skills they need to get back to their own world. Many individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction are busy in their lives and need practical and real solutions for their problem to get back to their businesses. They follow the best and the contemporary methods available for addiction treatment (the renowned 12 step program and others) and put them in a package that will meet the needs of all of their clients.

At The Cabin, you will receive both group and individual therapies by their highly skilled counselors from USA and UK. A typical day includes individual and group counseling sessions focusing on all the aspects of recovery and relapse prevention. In addition to that, there will be yoga and other exercise training sessions administered by some of the best fitness professionals. Painting sessions, massage therapy and Tai Chi are also included in the fee. You’ll also have group counseling sessions on weekly basis somewhere outside in the remarkable beauty of mountains and lakes.

Accommodation, Food and Other Activities

Lodging is provided by 9 magnificent, individual teak villas, each having their own private veranda, large en-suite bathroom and all the amenities you would expect from a luxury resort. Facilities like daily house cleaner, laundry washing service and Wi-Fi are also included.

Experienced chefs they have employed will provide you with the perfect balanced diet of Thai and Western dishes. A healthful fruit smoothie menu is also available all day long.

Every Sunday comes with a different wilderness activity and excursion around Chiang Mai such as waterfalls and hot springs visit, elephant riding, mountain biking and canoeing. These activities are great opportunities to take your mind off the intense therapy sessions and take some photos back home to show your friends and relatives.

Why Choose Thailand?

Having your addiction treatment in Chiang Mai has its own benefits. The foreign location guarantees anonymity, and you will benefit from the environment that allows you to distract yourself from what triggers your addiction. You’ll enjoy the well-known Thai hospitality, often considered as the best on the planet, along with the well-known Thai cuisine, that is varied, fresh and healthy. All these elements are ideal for a healthy recovery. There are plenty of direct flights to Thailand coming from all corners of the world. Chiang Mai also has direct flights from some Asian countries including Singapore. The quiet location of the facility guarantees anonymity and your confidentiality is assured.