Therapy Counselling Courses

Psychotherapy is a therapy that is one by the psychological methods to change a person’s irregular or illicit behaviours toward other people and other mental issues that makes him incapable of coping with the society. These psychological behaviours could be due to a number of reasons like mental illness, stress etc. Mental illness like personality disorder, depression, stress, OCD etc. Social issues like divorce or a trauma initiated by some accident etc. can be the causes of irregular psychological behaviours that can only be dealt with the help of proper counselling by a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist is the person that helps in the recognition of the mental problem and helps the patient deal with it and in some extreme cases help them to live with it.



A psychotherapist is a person that master in the art if psychotherapy and can help in the building of a mentally healthy society. Being a psychotherapist is not an easy job as we know how hard it is to understand what’s going on in the person’s mind that is bothering him and how can he deal with that problem and how can he overcome that depression. Becoming a psychotherapist comes with a lot of responsibility so you must know how the other person is thinking and should know all the ways that a mental disorder can be treated or at least dealt with. Online therapy services are also available for people so they can find the solution of their problems while sitting at home.

Online psychotherapy courses


If you are also interested in becoming a psychotherapist you should know what qualifications are required for this kind of job and here can you get this qualification. You can do the counselling business while sitting at home. Start your own online therapy business or find a job for online therapy. Following are some of the courses certification that would land you in this job

Degree in psychology

Basic degree in psychology is a must for all the counsellors and therapist. In this program human being’s basic psychology is understood and it is the basis of any further courses or diplomas that you can obtain. Certification of psychology is necessary for the job in online therapy.

Substance abuse prevention

This is the certificate that is awarded to those who want to become abuse prevention specialists and can play a greater role in ending abuse from our society. Duration of this course is 12 months with no fee so you can achieve this certificate for free and can find a job in online therapy.

Substance abuse counselling

Woman Having Counselling Session

This is same but a little different course than the previous one. This course allows you to counsel people who went over abuse. This is a great online therapy business once you have received this certificate. It is also a 12-month program with no tuition fee.

Counselling children and adolescent

This is another short course with this certification that is offered free and you can start this practice for online therapy of children and adolescents.

Yu can also do your job in online therapy by acquiring these free of course certificates.