How to become an E-Therapist?

Psychological problems are now increasing from time to time. And for that, we all need to seek a meeting with a psychiatrist. The only problem which we all face mostly is that there is no or less psychiatrist in town. And no one wishes to move to other cities just to have a single meeting of an hour or so with a psychiatrist. For this purpose now there is a huge trend of E-therapist or online counsellors. IF you want to earn some money while sitting at home then you should learn how to be an E-Therapist. And as the time passes more and number of patients rises in order to seek these E-Therapists. And this could be a start of your professional career.

Take Interest


First of all, you must know that it is not an easy job to do, and such jobs are only done by those who take interest in this work. So if you think that you have an interest in psychology, and if you want to improve the life of others, and to solve their problems. Then no doubt this is best profession for you with high profit. As an online counsellor, you must dedicate your life to help other with such problems which have already put them into depression or have disturbed their lives completely. You must know that people only seeks for E-therapists when there are such problems which they cannot sort out themselves. So before you start this career you have done a lot of research about this, and you have to do a lot of practice as well because people have a lot of expectation from you.

Study and Practice well

You must know that this is a field of medical science related to psychology, and now your clinic is your computer. Commonly these services are provided over video calls, but now there is also a new trend for E-mails, and text messaging. And maybe as the technology will be more advanced then you can use some other mediums as well. Well, this all depends on your ease of use. The only thing which is necessary is to listen to your patients and to try to provide them possible solutions efficiently.

Phases of Treatment

After this comes the phases of therapy, as in the first phase patient would like to interact with you, and will describe the whole story about how the problem start did? How it became worst? What is the present condition? Etc. From this story, you have to explore the main problem, fears and hopes of your patient. Now in the nest session, you can prepare some question to relate to the condition of your patient in order to dig some deeper. Either you can ask these questions face to face or you can write them on a paper so that your patient can feel more secure in answering them.

Online therapy is not different than real world therapy, and the only difference is that at online therapy you have to be available all the time for your patients, but in the real world, you have set the timing for your clinic.