Food and Human Body

Food is one of the most crucial things in human life after house as a shelter and dress as the protection of weather and the temperature. All of you have known that food is the main source to get energy. In fact, food contains so many useful substances for our body, such as protein which is useful for replacing the broken cells, carbohydrate which is the energy source, fat which is useful for another energy source after carbohydrate, vitamins which is useful for the health of the eyes and other human senses, calcium which is useful for bones, and many more. However, the food we eat entering the digest system in our body can affect our health, for example, if the food we eat is contaminated by harmful germs, we will have stomach ache because the harmful germs annoy the work of the digest system. In other words, the food hygiene is necessary, even the second thing to concern about after the nutrition of the food.


In addition, the food service is also important. Before cooking the food, all ingredients of the food should be washed. Some people say that it can reduce the useful substances of the ingredients, for example the vegetable and fruit. On the other hand, you have to concern that there is still a little pesticide left in the vegetable or in the fruit. Therefore, being free from chemical substances is more important. This thing is very important, especially in a hospital. Since there are a lot of patients there, the food which is served should be clean, full of nutrition, and in hygienic condition. The hygiene of the food then also relates to the plate of the food. With the hygiene plates and all things which are related to the food for the patients, the food will be good to eat.


Like Tempasure, one of the company selling kitchen equipments, it is useful to use the best equipment for the food. The reason of it is that the quality of the plate, napkins, and etc. also affect the food. If a plate is made from the bad materials, when it is used, the dangerous material can be involved in the food. That is why it is important to have kitchen equipment with a good quality.


Thus, there are many things you have to concern when you want to cook and serve a food. Starting from the cleanliness of the ingredients, choosing food with a lot of nutrition, the hygiene of the food and the kitchen equipment affect your body.