All You Need To Know About Invisalign

Nowadays there are available many wise alternatives of braces that does not affect your looks much and still effectively do the job. One of such methods is by applying invisalign. There are many reasons why you should invisalign over braces or other options. Below are a few major reasons that can help you make a decision to look for invisalign especially, invisalign in Raleigh.


Much quicker results:

The invisalign is much quicker in the treatment of dental problems like wrongly lined up teethes and for teeth straightening procedures. Moreover the success rate for invisalign is much more than others in the treatment of teeth problem than that of braces. The traditional teeth straightening ways, including braces, brackets, wires and metal bands take almost 2-3 years of time duration to deliver results.


Less noticeable:

Teeth straightening methods like braces and metal bands are very noticeable and often mess up a person’s face look. This leads to problems with looks in social life and many people feel embarrassed wearing them. While on the other hand, the invisalign are made from clear or transparent plastic.


More comfortable:

Invisalign is specially designed alignment and come in different mouth sizes. The new invisalign are quite smooth with mouth fit and feel very comfy as they stand against lips. On the other hand traditional methods like wires, braces and metal bands are quite sharp and can easily hurt cheek and gums inside mouth. Moreover the traditional methods also ruin the mouth taste of a person to a great extent. Therefore, most people today prefer invisalign over the others.



The invisalign alignment trays are required to be regularly worn throughout the day. Still the invisalign provides the facility for removing the aligners for an hour or two in a day without affecting the results. The facility to remove alignment gives a person freedom to thoroughly clean the mouth or eat food freely. It is important to effectively clean mouth before applying the invisalign again.


Invisalign price:

The prices for invisalign are very similar to other teeth straightening methods in the market. Due to the competitive market and use of manufacturing materials like plastic, the invisalign are easily available today at low cost. The average cost for invisalign treatment with any dental specialist is around $5000.